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Strive Consulting and Marketing Solutions provides business building expertise on efficient operations to ensure quality customer experiences and marketing tools required for driving traffic and maximize growth potential.

We do this by assessing your sales funnel and marketing processes, reviewing current content and potential revenue streams and website audits for optimizing search engine potential.

Our work starts with understanding your business needs, to offer specific consulting packages tailored to your goals. This includes Graphic Design, Attracting Customers, Convincing them to Buy your Product or Service, Closing the Sale and Brand Loyalty. Website Optimization (SEO), AdWords, Redirecting and Email Campaigns are all integrated to drive success. You have to know where you are to know where to go!

Examples of Content Marketing Solutions:

We look at your overall content as data: Blogs, Facebook Live, IGTV are all components of your content. By testing and analyzing your marketing data we gauge your costumers interest and behaviors to adjust your plan. Then we make a plan, together! This includes a marketing and content calendar.Determine how to create your content for repurposing or redistribution. Each marketing channel varies in terms of audience and messages are tailored as such. However, todays blog post on a particular tag/category can be tomorrow’s “Free to Download White Paper”. This maintains message consistency and saves time in the long run. With content planning you need to establish a direction.What is the tone, focus, first and second tier goals and how to we get there? We help direct you to these answers. It’s what we do. 

Moving Forward Requires Focus & Action

Creating the customer experience takes a fresh look at operations, staff training and the little extras needed for optimal conversion and direct referrals.

SCMS provides the tools to drive revenue to your business. Our time is spent growing your brand by implementing these tools and set the stage for long term growth. Your time is spent with your clients!

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