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A Comprehensive Approach to Marketing and Operations

We strive to bring to your business a comprehensive set of operational consulting and marketing solutions unlike any other. With backgrounds in sales, operations, process improvement, brand identity, creating customer experiences and medical practice management, your work flow is analyzed, sales process honed and staff trained to understand how it all comes together. Advertising can drive all the traffic possible, but your crew must know how to effectively convert and create loyalty. 

Marketing has come to be thought of as Pay Per Click and Social Media, yet there is so much to be explored for your business. First, a true web presence analysis is conducted, we clean up any loose ends and focus on your website. Strive can develop an expert SEO website from scratch or review and edit what is currently in place. A simple page by page backlinks check can make a huge difference in your web authority. Not familiar with web authority? We are and can combine a myriad of tools to boost your SEO, end user experience and make your site shine above the rest.

Digital advertising and graphic design are passions we focus on continually research and learn as the methodology changes with technology. Facebook and Instagram Advertising, Google Analytics, Google Ads are a constantly changing force and whether you have a $500 budget or a $150,000 budget, we can manage it for you. Adobe Creative Suite is our artist in residence preferred tools, which means there is no limit to bringing your brand to life. 

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