Marketing Operations Defined

How do you define Marketing Operations as it relates to your business? Let’s look at the two words: “Marketing” (Brand Storytelling & Customer Connections), “Operations” (Practical Applications of Processes). Marketing Operations collectively bridges the gaps between data, brand, KPI’s, conversions and back again.Data is Big. These complexities behind what drives data, how to interpret data … Continue reading Marketing Operations Defined

Sample Logo Sets

Race Company Logo Set

Staying Connected and Productive While Working From Home

Distancing the workforce during the COVID-19 social distancing initiatives to stop the spread of this novel coronavirus. Many of us are used to working from home and have navigated the technology and self discipline required. But what about those of you who’s offices are shut down in the wake of stemming the spread of the … Continue reading Staying Connected and Productive While Working From Home

Notable Mentions, Snips and Pics

Here you will find a variety of sample work from logo updates to full fledge websites from scratch.

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