Customized Social Media Marketing

Authentic Audience Engagement with a capacity for resilience

Trends in social media management

Publishing and Scheduling:

Visualize your monthly calendar of automated posting, customize across channels in the same window. Are multiple profiles included with unlimited scheduling?

Unified Social Inbox:

Engage with your audience in real time across social channels with actionable content and capturing those micro moments.

Integrated RSS Feeds: 

A time saving benefit in the ability to publish your blogs or industry blogs automatically to your social channels.

Social Monitoring: 

Monitor your brand’s reputation and listen to your audience by monitoring keywords and competitors’ strategies.

Competitor Analysis: 

Track and compare your competitive advantage with social analytics and actionable, data driven reporting.

Campaign Tracking: 

Tracking your social ads, posts, and website to perfect and pivot your marketing strategy, including specific audience targeting.

Conversational Marketing

Leading with Authenticity

Start the conversation and Engage

The idea behind conversational marketing is to engage with consumers through targeted, authentic personalized content. It’s no longer enough to simply create a message. Today, brands must create two-way conversations with their audience and connect with them on the issues that matter most. It must be authentic, too; consumers are savvy and will seek out brands whose focus is on relationship-building. Tools such as chatbots, live-streaming video and social channels can help you establish authentic connections.
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Tailor-Made Social media Marketing

We understand that one size does NOT fit all. That’s why we’ve created customizable packages for a variety of unique markets. Leverage our social media marketing experience to guide your team create memorable content that attract your ideal customers, clients and patients. 

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