Digital Content Marketing

Digital Content Marketing
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Developing the notion on “value” in the context of digital content marketing reflects the unique characteristics of your business, or practice in a high quality visual message.

Within those characteristic cues, lies the potential for audience participation. The right audience is the one that will participate, and this is powerful.
Does your brand translate into your digital content design in a high quality output to your audience? 

Creating content design goes beyond what consumers can already produce on their own. Only by researching your competitors and target audience can quality engagement begin.

Forbes Power of Digital Marketing 



Audiences are savvy and can create videos, edit photos and publish directly from a mobile device. They expect high quality in content, greater than they can create themselves. The user experience is influenced by all stakeholders as well as requiring the customer to participate in learning and interacting the experience. 

Aside from demographics, defining the brand and audience is determining what social channels they frequent, and adapting to the must haves for content quality. Each social channel has their own nuances to follow. Conducting Audience Research

Brand Building

Brand Building

In the value-chain composition of digital content marketing, lies imagery, emotion, satisfaction of a need met, even if that need was to have a fun distraction! The digital content need not be a sales pitch, it can be a fun fact, short word game, highlighting a success story; content that aligns with your brand and audience.

Specific audience branding takes those characteristics and creates a cohesive message visually, that is highly polished. 

We are visual learners. Identify your audience cues, play into these cues. 

Four Pillars of Building a Brand

Value Chain

Important components attributing to value in digital content marketing is quality &  attainability of your product or service. After developing your product, service, practice the audience seeks value for the dollar. 

The structure of your delivery, style of marketing communications, competitive pricing strategies and known authority in your industry or specialty practice, all have associated consequences influencing digital content. 

This is the Value-chain.

Brand Value Chain

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