How do you define Marketing Operations as it relates to your business?

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Let’s look at the two words: “Marketing” (Brand Storytelling & Customer Connections), “Operations” (Practical Applications of Processes). Marketing Operations collectively bridges the gaps between data, brand, KPI’s, conversions and back again.
Data is Big. These complexities behind what drives data, how to interpret data and the tools to educate on such big data are just one of the many pieces. Add in the scalable, actionable applications of the creative content to match up with a marketing strategy that results in desired KPI’s and you have yourself a “change agent” And a mouthful. Since it’s not polite to talk with your mouthful, hand over confusion and uncertainty to the (Type A) Marketing Ops.

Does your business have Marketing Operations? You can have several roles working together or hire an agency to manage the Marketing and support on the Operations. Driving clicks, adding members, increasing phone calls and in person traffic is only fruitful if there’s practice application of Process Improvement to convert to customers. Marketing Operations gathers data, incites positive change, educates, provides feedback and assist all departments in optimization for a thriving business.

We don’t do something for the sake of doing. We gather questions to create connections to understand if it should be done. You want easy to understand data, tangible marketing returns and a thriving business. You deserve it.

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