Marketing Operations defined as it relates to your business And Internal Marketing

Marketing Operations Defined

Let’s look at the two words: “Marketing” (Brand Storytelling & Customer Connections), “Operations” (Practical Applications of Processes). Marketing Operations collectively bridges the gaps between data, brand, KPI’s, conversions and consequently, patient and customer experience. 

Data is Big. The term Big Data is being thrown around with images of demographics and pie charts. What we consider big data are the details that lead to cultivating experiences, without the guesswork.

These complexities behind what drives data, how to interpret the data and the tools to educate on big data are just one of the many pieces to the puzzle. With the scalable, and actionable applications of the creative content to match up with a marketing strategy that results in desired KPIs and you have yourself a “change agent”. When you need help, hand over the confusion and uncertainty to us!

Process Improvement

How do you perceive Marketing Operations? Perhaps an Office Manager, Practice Builder, or Front Admin who is social media savvy? You can have several roles working together, guessing all the way or hiring an agency to manage the Marketing and support your staff on the Operations improvement. Driving clicks, adding members, and increasing phone calls and in-person traffic is only fruitful if there is a practice application of Process Improvement to convert to customers. Marketing Operations gathers data, incites positive change, educates, provides feedback, and aids all departments in optimization for a thriving business.

Meet Harper Luedecke, our resident Lean Six Sigma Greenbelt, who specializes in Quality Analytics and Process Improvement. You want easy-to-understand data, tangible marketing returns, and a thriving business. You deserve it.

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