Web Presence is how your customers/clients/patients find and evaluate you on the internet via your actions and engagement.Your PPC Ad Campaign should reflect and drive this presence.


PPC Platform

Choose the right platform for your ad dollars: Google, Facebook, YouTube

Create a Landing Page

This landing page (or pages to test and audit) allows search engines to find you away from the clutter of your website home page and all outside links from social media and list should point to the page. This will be highly targeted.

Monitor Performance

Using tools such as Google Analytics, the ad performance is continually reviewed through query reports to determine changes.

Create Keywords Listing

Keyword research and planning takes guess work out of the ad creation, involves a competitor review and must be agile.

Design the Ad

Research and landing page complete, create an ad unique to you. This is the time to set ad display parameters and budgets.

Continually Optimize

To maximize the ROI, tracking conversion rates and re-analysing keywords and making Ad edits.

Let’s design a great campaign together.

Photo by Launchpresso on Pexels.com