Optimizing client growth potential to drive peak performance results


Revamping & Developing Revenue Streams – Be on the forefront of your industry with new solutions and results. Identify missed opportunities to expand and ensure scalability. Reviewing marketplace competition

Brand Development – Website design specific to your industry, logo and design graphics, brochures and business cards (all marketing material).

Brand Strategy & Business Development – Customizing brand messaging to invite collaboration with other professionals for referrals and co-branding. Networking!

Brand Awareness & Customer Loyalty – Happy customers refer friends and family! This happens directly, through web reviews, social media shares, engaging stories and loyalty rewards.

Digital Communication Channels & Audience Targeting – Blogs, Newsletters, eBlast and Social Media, SEO Keywords, Metatags, Hashtags, Website Speed Checks and so much more! (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat, WhatsApp, LinkedIn)

Ad Campaigns, PPC (Pay Per Click) – PPC advertising is a long term commitment combining SEO, Analytics, Landing pages and so much more. Click here to see a overview snippet of our PPC Playlist.

Engaging Audiences Via Events and Sponsorship – Targeting a one-on-one approach, community involvement, charitable giving.

Conversion Rates – Operational efficiency and effective intake processes to ensure customer inquiries turn into revenue. Identifying steps in the customer journey. Staff Hiring and Training.


Specialties Include:

Healthcare Practices (Surgical & General Practice)

Endurance Athlete Coaches & Trainers (Health Coach, Human Performance)

Event Companies (Athletic & Specialty)

Leisure Industry (RV/Camping/River Activities)

HVAC Air Conditioning Installation


Flexible Options to Suit Your Needs – The first consultation session to discuss your needs is always free. To begin a discovery/evaluation is $500, then additional charges based on scope of the discovery.

Pay By The Hour – For help as you need it at a rate of $65 per hour, or prepay for a set number of hours at a rate of $55 per hour.

Pay a Set Monthly Retainer – For longer projects that require continual availability to help guide teams and projects throughout the course of the year. Range from $1,000 a month to $20,000 year.

Pay By The Project – Pay a flat rate per project. Example: Single Logo Creation of 2-3 variations with 2 additional edits $800. Creating a print marketing set $1200 – $3,000. Website creation from scratch $3,000 and monthly maintenance for optimization $1,000.

Stakeholder & Team Strategy Meetings – Attend monthly or quarterly strategy meetings to help plan and moderate. Virtually or On-site, $130 per 2 hour meeting + travel expenses.


Lead by Sheila Crenshaw, we are a team of experienced marketers, sales professionals, photographers, videographers, event planners, web designers, graphic artist/illustrators and operational management guru’s.