Distancing the workforce during the COVID-19 social distancing initiatives to stop the spread of this novel coronavirus.

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Many of us are used to working from home and have navigated the technology and self discipline required. But what about those of you who’s offices are shut down in the wake of stemming the spread of the novel coronavirus Covid-19? How will your employees stay active and productive outside of the office setting? Here are a few tools and tips to keep moving forward while adhering to social distancing policies.

The Remote Workers’ Toolkit: 30+ Productivity Apps and Tools to Help You work Smarter, Not Harder (BY MELANIE PINOLA – LAST UPDATED APRIL 1, 2019 ) Providing an in-depth look into many of the tools to use and below is a sample:

Staying on task can pose a challenge with the entire family at home with businesses and schools closed to stop the spread of Covid-19. This brings about it’s own challenges to working at home! How do you keep productivity up while Junior and Fido rough-housing in the living room?

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This is a unique time with so many businesses closed. Count your blessing to be able to work from home when so many others cannot. Should you find yourself on a paid leave with time on your hands, consider volunteering your time!