Why you Should Trust a Google Partner Agency

Trusting a marketing agency with out prior interaction can make hiring one seem like a shot in the dark. As an industry, key metrics, KPI’s, experience and opinions on SEO vs SEM and dauntingly, fees, can vary greatly. Serious agencies, like Strive, seek to set themselves apart with industry accreditation, designations and their own rankings. These milestones take time to achieve with certain ad spends, lessons, exams, certifications and proven a certain level of knowledge and high performance. This is why we sought after the Google Partner Badge. 

What does the Google Partner Badge Mean and Why You Should Trust a Google Partner Agency

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We Are Certified Experts

Through training courses and strict standards of measurement, mean you get partners who meet Google’s highest level of Ads account management, offering exceptional client partner services. Optimization Score at its best. Data junkies at your fingertips. 

We Have Up To Date Knowledge

Achieving Google Partner status means employees have to know and keep up with the most up to date  changes, updates, such as Page Experience and Core Web Vitals. We work together with our partners to develop strategies that work. Our knowledge applied to your hand crafted campaign. 

We Are Masters of Ads

The nuances and constant monitoring of keywords, ad extensions, ad scheduling, broad match vs phrase match, A/B testing know how and able to put these to use makes us the master of your Ads account profitability. Proven business transformation with a holistic and comprehensive marketing approach. 

We Have the Highest Quality of Best Practices

In maintaining this panicle partnership, our agency demonstrates to Google the best practices of attracting the most volume of customers for our client partners by making use of systems such as Campaign hierarchy of Ad Groups and Ads organization.  Transparency with leadership and a partnership with trust.

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